Oracle Software As A Service (Saas) Is Setting The Standard

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "oracle"Buying software for your computer or business can be a rather expensive venture. If you are an organization that has a large number of computers that have to use a certain type of software package, this can become quite expensive to you, and can really drain on your budget. The same is true for those who are on a strict budget of what they can afford for their own PC. They can’t be spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to be able to get the software package they need so that they can be able to work or play. This is why the software as a service option is becoming quite popular and Oracle is one of the innovators in this kind of technology.

For those who are not familiar with software as a service (SaaS), this is a great advancement that ensures a few different things for you. First of all, you actually don’t buy a physical copy of the software. It is kept on the company’s server and is accessed through your Internet so that you can use the program itself. This comes at a greatly reduced cost from buying it directly, and saves you a great deal of money.

In addition, if there are bugs or fixes with the software, you get automatic upgrades and repairs because they occur on the company server. This means that you don’t have to worry about making the adjustments yourself because they occur automatically. You also don’t have the issue of software package taking up space. Because the program is located on the company’s server your computer has minimal space taken.

This is one of the great innovations of Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. Quite ahead of the curve, Hurd took Oracle in this direction, allowing customers to access the software package as they desire from the Oracle website and not having to worry about loading it onto their own PCs. This has helped to turn the tech giant into a true behemoth in the technology world.